Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Their Dog and ours

The Egyptian media and human rights advocates and organizations kept talking the incident of the Egyptian dog ,known as "Ahram street dog",and there were a lot of statements to condemen the killing of the dog.The Egyptian judiciary turned those who killed the dog to misdeamonr court inspite they claimed that the dog was killed becuase it bite a lot of people and was not normal.

Last Sunday, Security forces stormed Nahia village,in Giza ,one of the villages well known for its support for the ousted president Sayed Mohamed Morsi,and stormed the house of Mohamed Sharawy and killed him and his dog that tried to defend him.
 Wife of Sharaway said that big number of security forces raided the house late Sunday night, and shot her husband on different parts of his body, until he died.
The wife said in a phone call to Raba TV channel that policemen threw her husband 's body on the house stairs and prevented the family from watching him .Also,police men  threatened them with weapons, amid crying children, noting that they beat the corpse  and kicking with feet.
 Sharawy's wife denied that her husband shot the police, the security forces, stressing that they shot him immediately once they stormed the house and killed him into killing him.
On the other hand   Interior ministry  issued a statement and said that Sharaway   
the defendant is wanted in the in case No. 124/2014 ,Kerdasa Criminals with the charge of creating “riots during the referendum on the constitution”.after the coordination with the Giza Security Directorate ,house of the defendant has been targeted to arrest him, but he fired  the security  where security forces shot him in reply to his action that resulted in his death where security forces found the used weapon  in addition to  9 mm pistol was stolen from a police station since January 2011.
At the moment the Egyptian media say that Sharaway is a criminal and belonging the terrorist group of the Muslims Brotherhood and no talk about his dog that was shot in the head like his owner.